Consultancy Services on Seafood Selection and Healthy Sauce Preparation

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  • Services to provide consultancy services on selection of appropriate fishery and other type of seafood products.
  • Seafood Health and Safety Consultancy
  • HACCP Consultanc/TRaning
  • Seafood Allergen/Training
  • Preparing healthy sauces for garden party!
  • Preparing healthy sauces to be consumed with fish products forthose restaurants and take away shops without any risk of food poisoningThe samples of sauces to be provided include:

o Frying sauce for fish and chips shops

o Tartar sauce – to be used for fish, calamari

o Tarama sauce – to be used for all fish types

o Amandine sauce – to be used white meat fishes

o Mustard sauce – to be used all fish types

o Lemon sauce – to be used for white meat fishes

o Mornay sauce – to be used for grilled fish products

o Remulade sauce – to be used for white meat fishes as well as octopus

o Tarator sauce – to be used for mussel and other shellfishes

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My name is Murat OZDIL. Welcome to my page. I am a 2007 graduate of Mustafa Kemal University/TURKEY with a B.Sc. in education /  "Aquaculture and Fisheries Engineer" and M.Sc. "Cognitive Zoology" from University of Vienna/ AUSTRIA.

 I have a great interest  in Seafood hygiene and fish sauce preparation. Moreover, I have been running my consultancy business in this sector since 15th September 2015 in London.